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In the new retail era, how should the intelligent hardware industry break through?

2019-12-24 16:23:57 9

"The core of new retail is to shift from selling goods to serving consumers". On June 9, at the 2017 Alibaba investment day conference, Ma Yun broke the essence of new retail.

So what direction should the domestic intelligent hardware enterprises in the new retail era develop in? According to the product director of Haier Xiaobao, an excellent intelligent hardware must realize the perfect combination of hardware, software and content, and present the unique values of the product to the world under the guidance of consumer centered.

Hardware + software to meet the needs of users

With the rapid pace of life in China, intelligent hardware needs to dig into the needs of users in a timely manner, and make continuous updates and iterations based on user feedback to meet the growing user experience.

However, many "foreign products", such as smart access control, have met with difficulties in China. On the one hand, it is because the speed of hardware iteration is too slow, which is far behind in technology; on the other hand, it is unable to provide software upgrade service in time, which brings the consumer experience. The fundamental reason lies in its failure to grasp the basic needs of Chinese consumers, and its dismal exit in the intelligent hardware industry.

On the contrary, Haier Nen oven and other intelligent hardware are carefully polished for urban elite users. At the same time, we constantly promote the iteration of the baking circle app software, develop a variety of playing methods, such as recipes, communities, etc., and create a baking ecosystem that integrates hardware and software, and is highly vertical, so as to get more user recognition.

Unique products and content to promote corporate values

At present, the homogenization of intelligent hardware industry is very serious. Taking the intelligent oven as an example, most of the products on the market only add an intelligent module on the basis of the traditional oven, which can not meet the personalized needs of users completely, and is still a tool for processing food.

And the tender oven launched by Haier Xiaobao is a kind of smart hardware product that is easy to use and fun. On the one hand, through the carbon fiber tube, internal coating and other aspects of the new, thus preserving the unique taste of baked goods. At the same time, it can also open the "private customization" mode, so that the oven knows the user's taste better than anyone else.

On the other hand, through the baking circle app and the built-in heat-resistant camera in Haier Nen oven, you can present all kinds of changes before the food is shaped in the form of short video at any time, and share them with your friends. With the baking circle app as the link, we will gather all the talents who love food and entertainment together to exchange baking experience and create a good food community. Through these unique video content, Haier Xiaobao has successfully achieved accurate word-of-mouth marketing and passed on the unique values of making fun intelligent hardware to the outside world.

In the era of diversified consumption, a variety of intelligent hardware products will appear one after another. However, only those intelligent hardware products that can quickly iterate according to the needs of consumers, and use unique content to promote their own values and create good reputation can survive in the fierce market competition.