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How to choose the Android ad scheme?

2019-12-24 16:23:02 8

How to choose Android advertising machine? At present, there are still some technical problems in Android advertising machine, especially in the early stage of the launch of various manufacturers. For consumers, it is difficult to choose Android advertising machine. Here are the similarities of high-quality Android advertising machines, so that you can make the right choice.

1. Choose the hardware scheme of Android advertising machine

When purchasing the advertising machine, it is necessary to ask the main board scheme adopted by the supplier clearly. If it cannot be provided, it is recommended not to choose. Even if the scheme is provided, it is also recommended that the customer have a further understanding of the scheme. If it is a tablet scheme, it is necessary to choose it in a prudent way, especially the scheme of A10, A20, A33, 3126 and 3128. It is better not to choose because This solution can not adapt to the mainstream applications of Android advertising machine (HD, multi screen, interactive). The industrial, stable and reliable Android board card is the first choice for Android advertising machine.

2. choose the software of Android advertising machine

The software of Android advertising machine is an APK application just like other Android Software. It is relatively simple and does not have too much technical content. However, the requirements of multimedia publishing system are higher. When choosing, we must pay attention to that the platform of Android advertising machine can be the same as the platform of x86. Otherwise, remember not to choose, because no customer will use two Ping To manage their own terminals.

3. Product price selection

The price of Android advertising machine is about 300-500 higher than that of stand-alone advertising machine in terms of cost. If the tablet program should be the same price as stand-alone advertising machine, software (including publishing system) should be included, rather than charged separately. If businesses need to charge a separate fee, customers should be careful when choosing, because this software must It was the merchant who found a third party to buy it. There are quite a few problems with this follow-up service.

4. Choice of manufacturer

Based on the technical particularity of Android advertising machine, it is very important for customers who buy Android advertising machine to choose suppliers.

A. The selected manufacturer must be the manufacturer that develops and produces Android core board and complete machine by itself. It's only one year since the Android advertising machine scheme came into the market. In fact, it doesn't even have much contact with the manufacturer of X86 platform advertising machine. Don't think that the manufacturer of X86 advertising machine is good. Android advertising machine must also be good, because their core technology is completely different. X86 is based on the computer motherboard. The core technology is used to make the computer motherboard. The whole line The whole machine factory of the industry is basically outsourcing, so the technology of each company is basically to choose the x86 motherboard. The Android advertising machine scheme is based on the Android main board. If the main board is outsourced rather than developed and manufactured by itself as a manufacturer of the whole advertising machine, the scale of the manufacturer is no different from that of the small workshop in terms of technical strength, even if it is large. Because the core of the Android advertising machine is open source, and its upgrade is frequent, the most critical upgrade is Customers can't do it on their own, just as customers go to the manufacturer to buy this Android advertising machine, and the main board of this advertising machine manufacturer is also another customer, and its upgrade is also restricted by others. As a customer, the mood is self-evident.

B. Choose a hardware LED manufacturer rather than a software LED manufacturer. That is, choose R & D and production enterprises rather than software enterprises. The core of Android advertising machine is the hardware board rather than the APK software. Just as 360's mobile phone products have been defeated in the market, because software companies like 360, even though they are big, are software companies. Their hardware is not recognized by users.

C. Select manufacturers with hardware R & D and software development. This principle is very capacity understanding, but it is not so simple to really understand the real situation of the manufacturer. At present, in the industry, many large-scale enterprise software purchases hardware and OEM software in the third party.

D. Factory inspection: if you have the opportunity, it is very important to visit the factory on the spot, because it's better to see everything. Don't believe that there is a large manufacturing base, R & D base and so on. If so, you can take it seriously if you go to the factory directly. Of course, you also need to confirm whether this is the factory you want to cooperate with. After all, now you sell dog meat with sheep's head There are many manufacturers. I personally met a manufacturer in Shenzhen to investigate, and then went to the production site is not the contact manufacturer's production line at all. If you buy the product like this, you can imagine the follow-up service.

5. Test of prototype

When selecting Android advertising machine, it is very important to test the prototype, which is mainly divided into several steps

A. Function test:

Startup time: the startup time of advertising machine refers to the time from the time when the machine is powered on to the time when it enters the normal advertising play. Under Windows system, the time is relatively long. After entering the Android system platform, the time is greatly reduced, usually within 30s. For this indicator, we think the shorter the time is, the better. The Android advertising machine scheme of Zhixian Zhilian UNIWIN (m135, M185, m188 dual screen, MSTAR m838) is within 10s, and even some models complete the whole start-up in 8s. Although the start-up time does not affect the normal use of the device, because of the unique function of the Android advertising machine, it is necessary to deeply customize and optimize the Android system, and cut out the application to ensure that the device can The largest CPU resources and memory are given to ad machine applications, rather than consumed in other meaningless applications, and this startup time can reflect the degree of system optimization.

Timing switch: this function is an essential function of the advertising machine. If the advertising machine without this function is missing, it is not recommended to use it. This indicator test is relatively simple, but it must be tested in practice (pay special attention to the power-off test). Don't just see that the device has this setting item and think it has this function. Because Android system is open-source, any interface is easy to do, and only the actual test can confirm it.

Time synchronization: the device time is set by human error. After entering the Android system, the device should be able to automatically synchronize to the normal time, otherwise, the device should not be selected.

B. Function test of board and card battery: we know that the Android motherboard, like the x86 motherboard, needs its own RTC battery. This is a loss part, but when the loss is completed is hard for us to know. Therefore, we need to test the emergency function of the Android advertising machine. The test method is: remove the battery artificially (equivalent to battery failure), and check whether the device can be positive Regular work, if not normal, this kind of products need to be carefully selected.

Equipment stability: continuous operation of the equipment (at least 72 hours), the equipment shall not have any abnormality (crash, program shutdown, video card, image switching abnormality, etc.)

C. Play format test: add the format you can find into the device to play. Generally, the video format can be compatible with Hd 1080p. Some special formats can't be played, which should be acceptable. Because there are so many video formats now. After all, Android's hard decoding method requires all formats to be supported, which is hard to do, such as word, PDF, PPT Support for some of the most commonly used text formats is required.

6. Size selection of Android advertising machine

Android advertising machine can perfectly realize 1080p and 4K playback and display. We strongly recommend to choose a high clear screen integrated machine such as 21.5, 32, 42, 55 and 65 inch for the integrated machine, which has incomparable display effect.

Overview: Android advertising machine as a new generation of advertising machine, its product technology and price advantages are very obvious, but from the current market products, there are few stable products. Although all advertising machine manufacturers are actively preparing for Android advertising machine products, there are few real technological breakthroughs in the industry. Because many technical aspects can't be solved by application program, it is a product with full combination of software and hardware. At the same time, because of the bottleneck of the number of industrial applications, there will be no real chip manufacturers to pay attention to this market. Therefore, it will become the main way for this industry to meet the Android advertising machine market with the help of other industrial products. This is a higher requirement for advertising machine manufacturers. In addition to the strength of hardware development, they also need the ability of software development. Only in this way can the products be made the most stable.