M339ai Android smart motherboard

Sound touch is hair! Singing "Swan", 360 degree sound effect technology, sound quality more real nature, simple touch control operation, multiple voice selection, support Bluetooth hands-free call.

  • Model: AM08

Uw-m339 is a multimedia network player LCD driver integrated board based on the mainstream rockchip rk3399. It can support LVDS / EDP / HDMI spot screen at the same time, and can choose multiple dual screen spot screen modes such as LVDS + EDP / (LVDS + HDMI) / (EDP + HDMI). It can drive 7-100 inch LCD, support 4K Full HD video decoding and 4096x2160 (for VOP ﹤ big), 2560x1600 (for VOP ﹤ lit) TFT LCD. It is a professional high integration Android intelligent hardware solution Case, provide a variety of peripheral interfaces: 7 USB (including 2 3.0 channels), 8 TTL serial communication (compatible with 6 232 channels, 1 485 channel), two Mipi cameras (can support 1300W pixels), two high fidelity speaker interfaces, 8 Europe 10W * 2 / 4 Europe 20W * 2;

At the same time, it is also an AI intelligent hardware solution that can integrate multiple face recognition algorithm chips such as Shangtang / yuemian / openailab on the market, with strong hardware computing ability and screen driving ability, which can meet various applications in the industry.

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Basic hardware specifications:


Rockchip rk3399 dual core cortex A72, quad core cortex A53, maximum frequency 1.8 GHz


Mali-t864 four core GPU, supports OpenGL es1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1, openvg1.1, OpenCL, Dx1

AFBC support (frame buffer compression)1


2GB, 4GB as standard for lpddr4 (optional)

Built in storage capacity

EMMC flash standard 8GB, 8GB / 16g / 32g optional

Point screen interface

One LVDS interface (single channel, 6 or 8-bit dual channel). Support maximum resolution 1920x1080, 7 "- 100" display

One channel EDP interface (single channel 6 or 8 bits). Support maximum resolution 1920x1080, 10 "- 20" display

1 channel HDMI interface supports 1080p @ 60Hz, 4kx2k @ 60Hz output

LCD voltage options

LCD_VCC voltage support 3.3v/5v/12v optional

LCD backlight voltage supports 12V power supply


It has RJ45 interface 100m and supports Ethernet.

With Bluetooth + WiFi integrated module, supporting Wi Fi 802.11a/b/g/n protocol, 2.4g/5g dual band, supporting Bluetooth

4.2 the protocol has built-in 3G data / 4G data module, supporting WCDMA, EVDO, CDMA, GSM, 2G / 3G full band support  850/900/1800/1900MHz/2100MHz

Support hdmi2.0 ﹐ out, 4K HD output. Output supports LVDS + HDMI synchronous display and asynchronous display

5-way USB host, 2-way USB 3.0 (one of which includes OTG debugging port)

7-way UART serial port (default 1-way debug port, 2-way TTL port, 4-way 232 power supply, 3.3V power supply can be changed to 5V)

1 way 485 (optional TTL)

2-way backlight socket, corresponding to EDP and LVDS display respectively

5 IO ports (3 default pull-up and 2 default pull-down)

1 channel ADC key interface; 1 channel infrared remote control interface

1 way switch key interface

1 way red and blue indicator light

One 13 megapixel Mipi camera

The built-in 3.5-inch 4-section headphone stand supports the headset function; the two-way speaker interface, 8W 10W * 2 / 4W 20W * 2

Built in 1 MIC input

Real time clock

Built in real-time clock powered battery, support timing on / off and over 1 year long time storage

System watchdog

Support software watchdog function

Touch screen

One I2C, multi USB interface: support infrared, resistance, capacitance touch screen

Power Supply

Input: DC12V or 4Pin 2.0 socket 12V power supply

Basic software specifications:

operating system

Google Android 7.1 system


ISP pixel processing power up to 13mpix / S


Support 4K 10bits VP9 / h265 / H264 video decoding, up to 60fps,

1080p multi format video decoding (vc-1, MPEG-1 / 2 / 4, VP8),

1080p video coding, supporting H.264, VP8 format

Video post processor: de interlacing, de-noising, edge / detail / color optimization


Dual VOP display: the resolution supports 4096 * 2160 and 2560 * 1600 respectively

Support 4-wire single channel mipi-dsi

Support edp1.3 (4-wire, 10.8gbps)

Support hdmi2.0a4k 60Hz display and hdcp1.4 / 2.2

audio frequency

Mp3, wma, WAV, ape, FLAC, AAC, Ogg, m4a, 3gp format

sound recording

Support mp3, wma format recording


Support JPG, BMP, PNG and other image formats browsing and support rotation / slide show / image magnification function

Desktop / image rotation

Support 0 degree, 90 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree manual rotation

Sound mode

Clock, alarm clock, calculator, recording

Basic software functions

Camera, web browsing, chat, email, ebook, explorer

Language support




Alarm Clock


Note paper

Weather + clock

text processing





Standard Android keyboard, optional third-party input method (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)


Browser -ChromeLite




Google talk

system management

Apk installer

The original Android system, with open root permission, can be customized for product development

System setting

Google Maps

Global time

Support OTA remote upgrade and incremental upgrade